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PMSI and SATEC Partnership

Power Monitoring Services Inc. has partnered with SATEC, an international leader in the research, development and manufacturing of energy management solutions.

SATEC has been a proven solutions-oriented global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of energy management systems since 1987. Today SATEC is internationally recognized as a leading developer and manufacturer of digital power meters and power quality analysis equipment. SATEC is based in Union, NJ and exports to over 40 countries worldwide throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. SATEC is a privately held corporation.



Today a new source of energy called "The Fifth Fuel" is being tapped to drive economic growth and reduce energy costs. In the past there have been 4 main sources of energy or fuels: Oil, Gas, Coal, and Hydro. The Fifth Fuel = "Energy Efficiency" and is considered to be a vast reservoir that the private sector is just now beginning to realize. Tapping into The Fifth Fuel is usually the least expensive option for reducing energy demand and therefore costs; as government agencies, schools, universities and hospitals have already discovered.

Now the private sector is seeing that retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency brings substantial rewards. Millions of dollars in fuel and electricity can be saved by replacing outdated boilers and chillers, installing high-efficiency lighting, fixing leaky windows and doors, installing or updating building automation systems, and adding renewable energy systems. Cost analysis suggests that improvements in the energy efficiency of buildings actually increases the net present value – that is, the savings over the life of the investments more than pay for the initial cost.

An example of a successful high profile, Energy Efficiency Retrofit is the $20 million retrofit project of the Empire State Building in New York City, launched in 2009. The project is expected to reduce energy use by up to 38% and cut energy costs by $4.4 million per year. Download PDF to view complete article...



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Giants Stadium, Empire State Building, Disney World, Disney Land and 1000s of Walgreens Stores across the nation are just a few of our satisfied clients. Speak with one of our Representatives in your area to find out more on how Power Monitoring Services, Inc. can put more in your bottom line.
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